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How-to: Format Experience Banner Images

Ensure your banner images are high quality to increase your fundraiser's appeal.

The image you choose for your Experience banner should be as crisp and clear as possible to make your Experience look professional and appealing to donors. We recommend the following sizes, depending on which design option you select: 

  • Simple: 960 pixels wide by 640 pixels high (960x640px)

  • Advanced: 1920 pixels wide by 840 pixels high (1920x840px)

These sizes will ensure a high-quality image no matter what device your donors use to access your Experience.

Good to Know

  • If you select the Advanced design option and want to remove the Experience title from the image, scroll down to Determine what should display on your page and unselect Experience Title on your images

It's especially important to disable this setting if your Experience title is already included in your banner image, to avoid repeated text:



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