How-to: Update Your Credit Card Processing Rate

Update your RallyUp account to match your organization’s nonprofit discount from Stripe or PayPal.

When you connect your organization’s Stripe or PayPal account, we ask you to enter the credit card processing rate for that account. Both Stripe and PayPal offer 501(c) organizations a nonprofit discount on payment processing fees. If your organization qualifies for this discount, you can update your RallyUp account settings to match.

Before You Begin

  • Only registered US 501(c) organizations are eligible for Stripe's or PayPal's nonprofit discount.
  • If you believe you qualify for this discount but haven’t yet received it, you can contact Stripe or PayPal to apply for this discount.

Update Your Processing Fee

  1. Go to Payment Processing under Settings in the left menu: 

  1. Scroll down to Enter your card processing rate

  1. Update the percentage and cent fields to match the rate you receive through Stripe or PayPal. If you’re using Stripe, you’ll need to enter a separate rate for American Express cards.
  2. Select Save.

Good to Know

  • Updating your card processing rate in RallyUp doesn’t affect what Stripe or PayPal charges you. This setting only ensures that any reports you run on RallyUp will calculate fees correctly, so you can predict exactly how much of the funds you raise will go towards these fees.

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