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How-to: Customize the Navigation Tabs on Your Experience Page

Change the wording that displays on your Experience Page navigation tabs.

When donors visit your Experience Page, they can navigate to different sections using tabs near the top of the page:

Home (always appears)

  • Experience description
  • Organization description
  • Activity buttons
  • Other Activity-specific details such as Event location or Sweepstakes rules

Participants (only appears if Peer-to-Peer or A-Thon is enabled)

  • Supporters who have registered to participate in a Peer-to-Peer or A-Thon activity

Teams (only appears if Peer-to-Peer or A-Thon is enabled and Team registration is allowed)

  • Teams that have registered to participate in a Peer-to-Peer or A-Thon activity as a group

FAQs (only appears if you create an FAQ)

  • Answers to questions your supporters are likely to ask

Updates (only appears if you post an update)

  • Notifications such as progress updates, encouragement or thank-you messages, announcements about new items or items that are selling out quickly, etc.

The text for each tab can be customized to anything you like. Each tab has a 30 character limit.

Customize Tab Text

  1. Select Experiences from the left menu.
  2. If you have chosen a list view, click on the Experience title. If you have selected a grid view, click on the Experience image.
  3. Select Edit Experience.
  4. Go to Page Design in the timeline at the top and scroll down to Customize the navigation tabs on your Experience Page*:

  1. Enter the desired text for each tab, up to 30 characters.
  2. Select Save.

*Options in this section may differ according to Experience Settings.

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