Who Receives Emails with Questions from Donors?

Find out who receives the emails from people visiting your fundraising page.

When someone visits a fundraising page, they can submit questions about a fundraiser directly to the experience's organizer. They do this right from the fundraising page by clicking the “contact organizer” button at the lower right of the screen, depicted below.

Often, contact forms are submitted by donors or page visitors to update their information or offer words of encouragement. Depending on the experience type, some other common inquiries may include:

  • How to coordinate the delivery of a prize item
  • Eligibility for entering a drawing
  • Questions about the logistics of an event

The person who created the experience is the designated recipient of these emails. However, you may also choose to assign administrators to your experience who will also receive these emails.

How to Add Administrators to Your Campaign

Questions from donors or visitors are sent directly to the email address of each of the above parties. The contact form will include the donor’s email address, so the organizer or administrator can contact the donor directly to answer their question.

While you should respond to any incoming inquiries regarding your experience, adding FAQs to your fundraising page can be an efficient way to answer any questions you anticipate from donors. An FAQ section will allow your supporters to find answers to common questions right on the page. FAQs can also assure the donor, as not all visitors will take the time to write in with their questions – some may leave the page. Thus, this simple step could help drive donation rates. Plus, having FAQs could save time for organizers and administrators, as it will minimize the number of inquiries that will need to be answered.

Find out how to add FAQs to your fundraising page in the KB article: Can I Add FAQ’s to My Fundraising Page?

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