How-to: Set a Default Time Zone

Set your organization's default time zone in your Profile settings.

The time zone you set for each fundraising Experience affects when your Experience and individual fundraising activities start and end. If you typically use the same time zone for all of your RallyUp fundraising, you can set a default time zone in your organization's Profile settings. Then, when you create each new Experience, the time zone will automatically be set to the one in your Profile.

Set Your Default Time Zone

  1. Go to Settings in the left menu and select Profile from the dropdown:

  1. Scroll down to Default timezone and select your preferred time zone from the dropdown:

  1. Select Save

Good to Know

  • If you need to change the time zone for a specific Experience to something other than your default, you can do so by going into Experience Setup and selecting another time zone from the dropdown on the Basics page:

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