Can Participants and Teams Customize Their Fundraising Page?

Find out how RallyUp lets teams and participants edit their unique fundraising page for a more personalized experience.

If you enable Peer-to-Peer fundraising for your experience, participants and teams will be able to make changes to their fundraising page by viewing it while logged into their account. Cultivating a more personalized experience may help teams and participants stay engaged in their fundraising efforts. 

Teams and participants can edit the title and description of their fundraising page by clicking within each area. The background image can also be changed by clicking change background on the bottom right of their banner. 

See the areas that can be changed by participants and teams in the screenshot below. 


Good to Know

  • The experience organizer can change the fundraising page of any participant or team using the method above. This helps to ensure any modifications made by participants and teams fall within each organization’s individual guidelines. 
  • Participants and teams can only log in and change their fundraising page if an email address is associated with the participant or team. Without an email address, teams and participants won’t have the ability to log in and edit their page. 
  • Participants with an email address listed in their information will receive an email notification anytime a donation is credited to their name. 

*Note: In this article, we used the term “participants,” but this terminology could be different (e.g., students, members, employees, runners, etc.) depending on your experience settings.

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