How Do I Print My Ticket?

If you’ve purchased an online drawing entry, you won’t need to print your ticket. Learn more about digital entries and how they work.

RallyUp enables in-person and online ticket purchasing for raffle experiences. Purchasing entries to an online raffle is slightly different from purchasing a ticket in-person at an event, however. In person, a paper ticket(s) with the entry number(s) is handed to you after your purchase. When the winning entry number(s) are drawn, you check the numbers on your paper ticket to see if you are the winner.

Participating in an online drawing is based on the same concept but runs slightly differently. For entries purchased in an online drawing, the RallyUp system will automatically assign a number to each entry purchased. These numbers will be associated with your name and contact information. You will receive a confirmation email after your purchase, which will contain your entry number(s). This email acts as your ticket, similar to the paper ticket you are handed when you purchase entries in person. If your entry number is drawn, the RallyUp system will automatically notify the experie organizer and include your entry number, name, and contact information so that you can easily be notified of the prize won. In other words, you’ll never have to print your ticket or check to see if you’ve won since you’ll be contacted directly by the experience organizer in the event your ticket is a winner.

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