Understand: Why Free Pricing Raffles and Sweepstakes Offer Extra Entries for Tips

Offer bonus entries for tips to cover platform costs and boost donor engagement.

You don’t pay a platform fee when you select RallyUp’s Free Pricing option. Instead, donors can leave a tip to support the platform. If your fundraising Experience includes a raffle or sweepstakes, donors receive extra entries in exchange for their tips. 

How Free Entries Work

When donors check out, they’ll be asked if they want to add any bonus entries:

The amount donors pay for their bonus entries is considered the “tip.”

Good to Know 

  • This donor-tipping system only applies to Free Pricing raffles and sweepstakes. Donors can still leave a tip for other activity types without receiving bonus entries in exchange. 
  • If you don’t want to ask your donors to leave a tip, you can select our Advanced Pricing option, which lets you control how you cover your fundraising costs. This Knowledge Base article breaks down Advanced Pricing in more detail: Understand: Advanced Pricing
  • Offering extra entries for tips means that Free Pricing raffles and sweepstakes have a 10-entry minimum. Read this KB article to learn more: Understand: Why Free Pricing Raffles and Sweepstakes Have a Ten Entry Minimum

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