Understand: Using RallyUp as a Non-US Organization

Learn how to customize your account if your organization is located outside of the US.

RallyUp offers multiple customization options to support organizations that operate outside of the US, so you can fundraise in the currency that works best for you.

Set Up Your Primary Currency

If your organization is based outside of the US, you can set your primary currency to any of 15 major currencies. This means that your fundraiser will display the fundraising progress bar, prices, checkout cart, and receipts in the currency you choose. Your primary currency will also be used to collect funds, although donors can still donate in many different currencies.

You can change the default currency from USD to your primary currency at any time by going to Payment Processing in your Organization settings: 

How-to: Set Your Primary Currency

Receive Donations in Multiple Currencies

If your organization regularly receives donations in more than one currency, you can link multiple bank accounts to your Stripe account to minimize exchange or bank fees. You can also change the primary currency for each fundraising Experience and run different Experiences under different currencies.

No matter how you set up your primary currency or direct deposit bank accounts, you can always accept donations in many currencies. The exact list of available currencies depends on which payment processor you set up. Stripe has different supported country and currency lists, so use the option that works best for your organization.

Good to Know

This article explains what countries and currencies are supported for financial transactions, but you must verify compliance with local laws and regulations for all your fundraising activities. For example, you may not be permitted to run certain activities, such as raffles or sweepstakes, in some countries. Our support team is available to answer questions.

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