Adding Items to a Sale Fundraiser

If you’re selling items to raise funds for your cause, RallyUp has all the bells and whistles for ultimate success!

So, you’ve decided to run with a sale fundraiser, good on you! Sale fundraisers allow organizations to sell products to raise funds (think t-shirts, water bottles, cookie dough, etc.). When running your sale fundraiser, you have quite a few options to customize your donor’s experience.

Sell a limited quantity

Let’s say you have 100 t-shirts to sell – no more, no less. Once that 100th t-shirt is out the door, you don’t want donors to be able to purchase any more t-shirts if you don’t have anymore! Fortunately, with RallyUp, you can enter the total quantity you have available, and the system will only allow that many to be sold.

Once the item is sold out, it will appear on the page like this:

Limit the number of items per purchase

To make your sale fundraiser fair game for everyone, you might consider limiting the number of items a single person can purchase. That way, all your donors have an equal chance to participate! Let’s say you want to allow each donor to be able to buy two items.

In the system, you can easily set the item limit to “2,” and each person can only buy 2 of that item. We know what you’re thinking, how does the system cut people off after buying two items?

RallyUp can do this effectively by tracking the purchaser by their email address! If they try to purchase more of that item in a separate transaction, using the same email, the system will not allow them to buy more of the item since they met the maximum allowed. Magic!

Add variations for each item

When you’re running a sale experience, you may want to offer your donors the option to choose between different variations of a particular item. What do we mean by variations? Think of various sizes, colors, and/or styles. RallyUp allows you to add these types of variations for each of your sale items, and it’s super easy!

Need more help?

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