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Event Reports

When you run a ticketed event, you will have access to a specific report for your registrants. You can export the “View Event Registration” report by clicking the icon in your management menu shown below.

This article will share the purpose and practical use of this report and what information it contains.

View Event Registration

The report generated from “View Event Registration” allows you to access information about each attendee who has registered for your event. The information contained in this report includes:

  • Registrant name
  • Registrant contact information
  • Registration type
  • Date registered
  • Registration amount

Many organizations use this report to answer basic questions about their event. Because each ticket purchased is listed individually in this report, organizers can quickly tell how many people registered for their event or are on the attendee list. Organizations can also sort attendees by whatever information they included in their custom fields, making it easy to answer more advanced questions such as how many individuals from a specific business are registered or how attendees found out about the event.

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