Insights: Use Entry Levels to Increase Donations

Boost Raffle and Sweepstakes earnings by using entry levels to encourage donations.

RallyUp helps you optimize donations to your Raffle or Sweepstakes by allowing you to set up entry levels, which encourage higher purchase amounts.

This article covers the following strategies:

  • Tiered pricing
  • Merchandising
  • Impact Levels
  • Limited quantities
  • Limited time

We invite you to experiment with them to see what works best for you.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing means higher entry levels have a lower cost per entry, incentivizing donors to spend more.

For example, buying 10 entries for $10 equals $1 per entry, buying 30 entries for $25 equals $.83 per entry, and buying 75 entries for $50 equals $.66 per entry, and so forth. People are often willing to participate at a higher level because it feels like a discount, but your organization receives a more significant donation.

You can create as many entry levels as you like and customize the number of entries associated with each price. RallyUp provides default values that we've found to work well, but you can adjust them as you see fit.

The default entry levels are:

  • 10 entries for a $10 donation
  • 30 entries for a $25 donation
  • 75 entries for a $50 donation
  • 200 entries for a $100 donation


Providing merchandise (wristbands, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.) at higher donation levels can substantially increase donations. 

For example, you could offer a wristband to donors who enter at a $25 level, a t-shirt at a $50 level, and so on. We recommend offering prizes branded with your organization or cause.

Impact Levels

Impact Levels show your donors how their donations directly contribute to your organization's goals, encouraging them to donate. 

For example, if you're raising funds for school children in need, $20 could equate to a new backpack, while $50 could provide a child with free lunch for two weeks. 

Limited Quantities

Limiting the quantities of merchandise available at different entry levels or limiting the number of donors who can purchase a specific entry level creates a sense of urgency that inspires donors to take action quickly. 

For example, you could offer autographed t-shirts or a double-the-entries bonus for the first 50 people to donate at a $50 entry level. 

Once a limited quantity entry level is sold out, no further entries will be accepted at that level.

Limited Time

Offering certain entry levels for a limited time is another way to get donors to take action quickly. 

For example, you can jump-start donations during your Experience's first few days by offering early bird specials like discounted entries or exclusive merchandise, or keep the momentum going during the last week of your fundraiser by offering last-chance specials.

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