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Allow donors to donate to your organization at any time with customizable Donation Pages.

RallyUp gives you the option to create one or more Donation Pages, where donors can quickly donate even if you aren’t currently running a fundraising Experience. Donation Pages have no end date, so they can remain in use for as long as you’d like, allowing your organization to accept donations year-round. 

Sample Donation Pages

Donation Page Features

Donation StoryButtons 

Create preset donation amounts with optional titles, pictures, and descriptions to offer guidance on how much to donate:

Smart Funds Allocation

Create fund allocation options and let donors choose how their donations are used:

Recurring Donation Upsell

Convert one-time donations into recurring donations by suggesting that donors give in smaller amounts. For example, if a donor wants to give a $100 one-time donation, you can suggest that they give a $25 monthly donation instead:

Create a Widget for Your Donation Page 

Add a widget to your organization's website that leads donors right to your Donation Page: How-to: Create a Widget to Embed Your Experience or Donation Page on Your Website.

Include a link to your Donation Page in your marketing or promotional materials. You can even customize your Donation Page link to match your organization’s brand: How-to: Customize Your Subdomain and Domain.

Create Multiple Donation Pages

Create multiple Donation Pages for various promotions to track the success of each. 

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