Understand: The RallyUp Experience Pricing Options

Learn more about the differences between the two pricing options available through RallyUp.

RallyUp allows you to use our fundraising platform without a subscription. If you enable Free Pricing with Donor Tipping, then you pay no platform fee. Alternatively, you can disable Donor Tipping and pay a platform fee using Advanced Pricing. Either way, it’s the same great RallyUp with the same familiar pricing options we’ve had in the past. 

If you’d like to learn more about the RallyUp pricing plans, visit our Pricing Page

Free Pricing with Donor Tipping 

Donor Tipping lets you use our platform for free by giving your donors the opportunity to tip RallyUp during the checkout process:

These tips go directly to RallyUp to cover operation costs and help us continually improve our fundraising services. Leaving a tip is optional. If none of your donors tip at all, you still won't be charged a platform fee.

Note that all payments will still be subject to payment processing fees, which are set by Stripe to cover the cost of their services. Payment processing fees aren't set or charged by RallyUp, and we don’t receive any profit from them. Learn more about payment processing fees in the following Knowledge Base article: Understand: Credit Card Processing Fees

Advanced Pricing

If you prefer not to ask your donors to tip, the RallyUp offers an alternative with Advanced Pricing. 

With Advanced Pricing, donors are not given the opportunity to leave a tip. Instead, a 7.5% platform fee will be applied to each Experience to cover RallyUp’s operation costs. You can pay the platform fee, have your donors pay it, or split it between you and the donors. You can get the full breakdown of options in this KB article: Understand: Advanced Pricing.

Changing Pricing Options 

You can select either Free Pricing with Donor Tipping or Advanced Pricing each time you create a new fundraising Experience. You can choose the same option every time or change it up.

Please note that once you publish an Experience, the pricing option you selected for that Experience can’t be changed. For example, if you selected Advanced Pricing for an Experience, you can’t switch to Free Pricing with Donor Tipping once your Experience is live and ready to accept donations. Double-check all settings before publishing. 

Good to Know 

  • Free Pricing with Donor Tipping is NOT available for auction-only fundraisers. 
  • All Auctions under an Advanced Pricing plan have an automatic fee cap of $100 per item, regardless of how much an item sells for. This allows your organization to keep more proceeds from the sale of a high-value Auction item. 
  • Qualifying 501(c)3 organizations can apply to Stripe for a discounted payment processing fee. Contact Stripe for more information. 
  • When you run a Raffle or Sweepstakes, your donors' tips could earn them bonus entries. Learn more about this in the KB article: Understand: Why Free Pricing Raffles and Sweepstakes Offer Extra Entries for Tips
  • For insight on when to opt for Advanced Pricing instead of Free Pricing with Donor Tipping, read our KB article: Understand: When Not to Use Free Pricing.
  • If you’re looking for a subscription plan that gives you access to features like Donation Pages, Donor Profiles, and enterprise-class Integrations, visit our Pricing Page or the following KB article for information on RallyUp+: Understand: The RallyUp+ Subscription Plan

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