Understand: Branding Your Account

Update the look and feel of your RallyUp fundraising pages to match your organization’s brand. 

Branding your RallyUp account helps donors recognize your fundraising pages and adds a professional touch, which can increase donor trust in your organization. RallyUp offers several branding options for both RallyUp and RallyUp+ subscribers. 

You can access your branding settings by selecting Branding from the left menu:

The following links will take you to other Knowledge Base articles that show you how to set up each branding option. 

RallyUp Branding Options 

RallyUp custom branding options include: 

RallyUp+ Branding Options 

RallyUp+ custom branding options include: 

These branding settings automatically apply to all Experiences and Donation Pages. 

Already a RallyUp User? 

If you signed up for RallyUp before October 17, 2022, you’ll still have access to the same branding features you currently use, without signing up for RallyUp+.

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