How-to: Run a 50/50 Raffle

Run a Raffle where donors could win part of the proceeds instead of a traditional prize.

50/50 Raffles (also called split-the-pot or jackpot Raffles) are a great way to raise funds if you want to run a Raffle but don't have the time or resources to get prizes. With 50/50 Raffles, the money you raise becomes the prize: proceeds from entry purchases are split between the winner(s) and your organization. 

Before You Begin

  • Raffles are heavily restricted in the US. Before you plan your Raffle, make sure you can run one legally: 

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  • The way you promote and set up your Raffle can have a big impact on its success. See the following articles for tips:

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Create a 50/50 Raffle 

  1. Select Experiences from the left menu, then select NEW EXPERIENCE:

  1. Scroll down to Select which fundraising activities you want to include in your Experience and select Raffle:

You can add other fundraising activities as well.

  1. Go to Raffle in the timeline at the top:

  1. Scroll down to Select your raffle type and select Cash raffle:

You can also select Prize raffle if you want to offer both a cash prize and traditional prizes.

  1. Scroll down to Add cash prize and select Create a prize:

  1. Enter the prize details, then select Save:

How the Cash Prize is Calculated

You can draw one or multiple cash prize winners. If you choose to draw multiple winners, the cash prize percentage you set will be split evenly between each winner. For example, if the cash prize percentage is 50% and you have two winners, each winner will receive 25% of the funds raised.

You can also determine which funds contribute to the cash prize:

  • The amount raised from all Experience activities 
  • The amount raised from all Raffle entries
  • The amount raised from cash prize entries only (This option will only appear if you're running a 50/50 Raffle and Prize Raffle at the same time, and your Prize Raffle allows donors to purchase entries for specific prizes.)

How-to: Allow Donors to Purchase Raffle Entries for Specific Prizes

Donor View

RallyUp automatically calculates and displays the cash prize on your Experience Page:

The cash prize amount(s) will automatically subtract any fees (e.g., Stripe's payment processing fee) so the amount displayed is exactly what the winner(s) will receive.

Good to Know

  • RallyUp can automatically draw your Cash Raffle winners, but we cannot automatically split and distribute the funds on your behalf. IRS regulations state that the funds from a Raffle must go directly to a qualified 501c tax-exempt organization. For this reason, your organization must collect the funds directly and then distribute the appropriate amount to your winner(s) later.

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