Understand: Free Customization and Branding Options

Create a unique fundraiser with customization and branding options that anyone can use.

When you fundraise with RallyUp, you get a wide array of customization and branding options. Using these tools can help make your fundraisers look professional and attractive to donors, increasing the amount you raise.  

The following links will take you to other Knowledge Base articles showing how to set up each option.

Free Branding Options

Branding your RallyUp account helps donors recognize your fundraisers so they feel confident making donations. Free branding options include: 

Free Customization Options

RallyUp also offers many ways to customize your fundraising Experiences to meet your organization's needs:

Here's a preview of some of the features you can customize:

Good To Know 

  • If you're looking for premium branding features to help you connect with even more donors and raise funds all year long, you can sign up for a RallyUp+ subscription plan. Learn more in the following Knowledge Base article: Understand: The RallyUp+ Subscription Plan.

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