Understand: Why the Amount Raised on Your Experience Page is Different from the Amount Received

Learn how the final amount raised is calculated when your Experience ends. 

When you fundraise with RallyUp, you can display the amount raised on your Experience Page: 

The amount raised displayed on your Experience Page reflects the total amount of donations you’ve received before any fees are calculated and subtracted. You can find more detailed reports on the amount raised in your RallyUp and Stripe accounts. Learn more about RallyUp reports in the following Knowledge Base article:  

What Types of Reports Does RallyUp Provide?

Troubleshooting Checklist

If you note that the final amount raised on your Experience Page, in RallyUp reports, or in Stripe reports don’t match, double-check the following:

  • All voided or cancelled donations have been accounted for.

How-to: Cancel and Refund Credit Card Charges

  • All offline donations have been properly entered.

Add Donations You’ve Received Offline

  • The correct credit card rate has been entered in your Payment Processing settings.

How-to: Update Your Credit Card Processing Rate

  • International credit card rates have been accounted for.

Support for International Currencies

  • The platform fee has been accounted for (if you’re using Advanced Pricing).

Understand: The RallyUp Experience Pricing Options

  • The Do Charity management fee has been accounted for (if you’re using Managed Funds).
  • Participant registration fees have been accounted for.
  • Your A-thon has been finalized.

How to Finalize Your A-Thon Fundraiser

How to Calculate Amount Raised So Far on Your A-Thon Fundraiser

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