Understand: Strategies for Promoting Your Fundraiser

Learn tips and best practices for sharing and promoting your fundraiser to reach more donors.

Thousands of fundraisers are run on RallyUp every month, and we talk to customers daily about their experiences. We consistently find that the most successful fundraisers always have at least some level of promotion behind them.

Promoting your fundraiser isn’t hard, and even a small amount of effort can go a long way in gaining exposure and support. In this article, we’ll show you:

  • Effective ways to share your fundraising page
  • How to keep your donors engaged through updates
  • When to use text-to-give to promote your fundraiser
  • How to encourage your supporters to share virally

Share Your Fundraiser

Each fundraiser has a unique link that can be shared to bring donors directly to the fundraising page. Anyone who clicks this link will be able to view your page and make a donation.

How to Find and Share Your Experience Link

Tips and Strategies 

One of the simplest ways to promote your fundraiser is to ask your core supporters to share it among their networks. Provide them with the link using your email lists or social media, and ask them to share it on their own social channels. Make it easy to participate, and they’ll be glad to help!

Post your fundraiser link on relevant news and media sites

Have you thought about sharing your fundraiser with local news stations via their social channels? Are there specific community sites with members who might be interested in sharing or donating to your fundraiser? Sometimes a small ask can lead to significant results. Check group rules or inquire with admins before posting your fundraiser link on a community site.

Reach out to local businesses that may be interested in partnering with you

See if they would be willing to share your fundraiser on their channels. Or, ask if they might consider becoming a sponsor or providing matching donations to help you reach your goal.

Update your donors

Keep your supporters engaged in your fundraising efforts by providing regular progress updates. Write your updates with the following goals in mind:

  • Let donors know how much more you need to hit your goal and remind them exactly what the funds raised will accomplish.
  • Create a sense of urgency around the cause. Let them know specifically what the funds will be used for if your fundraising goal is reached. Ask if any of your donors would be willing to partner with you to match donations for a limited period of time to generate a sense of immediacy. 
  • Ask supporters to share the cause with their friends and family. If you’re running a Raffle or Sweepstakes fundraiser, you can also give them incentives to share using the sharing rewards feature (described next).

Email Donors and Post Updates on Your Campaign

Enable Sharing Rewards (Raffles and Sweepstakes only)

Sharing Rewards helps you attract new donors and increase donations by incentivizing supporters to share your fundraiser. 

With Sharing Rewards, anyone who opts in receives their own unique referral link for your fundraiser. For each new donation they bring in via their exclusive link, they’ll get awarded bonus entries. This incentivizes your fundraiser's sharing with as many people as possible, which in turn expands your reach and helps you acquire new donors.

How-to: Promote Your Raffle or Sweepstakes with Sharing Rewards

Use Text-to-Give

Text-to-Give is a great way to get donors to your fundraising page with a simple text message. Just select a unique keyword for your fundraiser and let prospective donors know what it is. They’ll text that keyword to our number and receive a text back with a link to your fundraiser. They can then donate to your cause from the convenience of their mobile device.

Use Text-to-Give at live events, printed materials, and other places for a quick, in-person way to provide your fundraising link to potential donors.

How-to: Promote Your Experience with Text-to-Give

Add a Livestream

If you want to draw people to your fundraiser, consider adding a Livestream. People will be able to watch your Livestream and have a chance to donate. Note that Livestreaming is only available with Unlimited or Custom pricing. 

Insights: Turn Your Fundraiser into a Live Virtual Event

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