What Is the Participant Center?

Learn about the participant center, which information it contains, and how to use it to enhance your fundraising experience.

If you’ve selected to enable team fundraising, your experience will have a participant center. This page is for people who would like to sign up and join the experience to help raise funds. It allows users to register, obtain information and updates, including prizes for fundraising efforts and leaderboards to track who is raising the most funds.

Participant Center vs. Fundraising Page

With the main page, the focus is on the donors. Information on this page is meant to inform donors about how their donations will benefit your cause, provide general information about the organization, and explain the simple steps for donating.

The participant center focuses on participants who are working to generate more funds for the experience. Information on this page can include how to register and share the experience. Additionally, if there is an in-person event, details about time, date, and location may be shared here.

For example, if the organization is holding a community walk-a-thon, the participant center might include information about where the event takes place, what time the walkers should arrive, where to park, and whether water and snacks will be provided.

For a sports team raffle fundraiser, the participant center might include information on how to register on the experience, share the experience, prizes for those who raise the most funds, and leaderboards so participants can see where they stand.

Participant Center Link

The main fundraising page and the participant center each have their own separate link. This allows experience organizers to promote the fundraising page link to donors and the participant center link to potential participants. The link to the participant center can also be customized.
How Do I Customize the Link for My Participant Center?

By default, the button to view the participant center is included on the main fundraiser page. This allows everyone, including those who just want to donate, the ability to go to the participant center page.

With that being said, the main fundraising page also offers the option to remove the link to the participant center. This would make the participant center invisible to donors, and it would not be accessible from the main page. In this case, only donors with the link for the participant center could access it.
How to Remove the Participant Center Button from My Fundraising Page

There are several reasons why organizers might not want donors to see the participant center:

  1. It could be confusing to a donor who just wants to donate.
  2. The experience organizer doesn’t want the donor to see the leaderboards and/or prizes being awarded.
  • You are running a raffle for a local little league organization. Each player has to register for the fundraiser to participate. You can keep the link to the participant center private and only send it out to the players so they can register to sell raffle tickets. However, the link to the main fundraising page can be promoted on a widespread basis to encourage people to purchase entries. Keeping the participant center link off the main page would not allow donors to see any prizes or leaderboards.
  • Or, perhaps you’re running a fundraiser for a school, and you’re importing the students on your own, without the need for parents to register their students with the fundraiser. Since students don’t need to register themselves, you can keep the participant center link private and send it out only to students and parents so they can view updates and student-related information.

Customize the participant center

For your convenience, RallyUp offers several options to meet the promotional plans of each organizer. You can choose how the following features are displayed in your participant center based on your fundraising goals and your organization’s needs.


People can come to your participant center to sign up to help raise funds for your experience. Participant or team registrations will only show in the participant center if public registration was chosen.
Public vs. Private Registrations: What’s the Difference?



The leaderboards show the ranking of participants’ and teams’ fundraising efforts. This can help participants and teams compete for prizes to see where they are in the standings. Options are available to display both participants and team leaderboards, just participants or just team leaderboards, or neither. By default, the leaderboards show on the page, but you can also choose to remove them.
How to Add or Remove the Leaderboards from Our Participant Center


Prizes for participants who raise funds can be listed on the participant center page. There is an option to hide these from the general public and only allow them to be seen by participants and teams registered on the experience. Find out more about adding or hiding prizes and how you can incorporate them into your fundraising efforts with the links below.
How to Add Prizes to Incentivize Participants on Your Campaign
How to Hide the Prizes on My Participant Center

Participant information

Each experience has different privacy requirements for its participants. This is chosen by the organizer when setting up the experience. Learn about the different ways to meet those requirements by following the link below.
Options for Displaying Participant Information on Your Fundraiser Page

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